Nordmart Application deployment on OpenShift Container Platform


This document contains the guideline to deploy Nordmart applicaton in the OpenShift cluster.

Nordmart Application Deployment Guideline

Follow the steps to deploy the cluster:

  1. Create a Github Organization for the nordmart application.

  2. Create following credentials:

    1. Stakater user used for cloning repos.
    2. Github token api, used for commenting on PRs.
    3. Credentails for AWS user(used in the e2e-tests to push test videos to s3), with limited access to only S3 resource. Its value must be aws-credentials.
  3. Create a Github organization with following details:

    1. Use the stakater-user credentials created above.
    2. Set owner to stakater-lab or the name of your organization.
    3. Add the regex filter for repositories to just get the nordmart repos. The regex is given below:
    4. Add the regex given below in the Automatic branch project triggering sections, as we will be triggering only master and PRs:
  4. Scan the organization. It will pull all the nordmart specific repositories.

  5. Run the nordmart-dev-tools repository pipeline. It will create nordmart-dev-apps project and install flux in it. Flux will deploy all the nordmart microservice in the project using the nordmart-dev-appsopen in new window repository. But flux requires access to the repository, and to enable the access, you would need to add the ssh-key in repository. Copy the flux public key from flux pod and add it in the nordmart-dev-apps repository's access key.

  6. Once key is added, flux will monitor the nordmart-dev-apps repository.

  7. Make sure that the images specified in the nordmart-dev-apps/releases (branch must be azure-ocp-workshop-stakater) manifests exists in the nexus repository.

    NOTE: If image doesn't exist it will generate an error that it is not able to pull the specified image although image still exists. There is a catch that new image tag will not be deployed until a succesful deployment is done.

  8. If you have configured Jenkins to run pipeline for the branch name but not for the PR, it will cause issue as we have configured Flux to look for the image with PR regex ^([0-9]+.[0-9]+.[0-9]+-PR-[0-9]{2}-[0-9]+-SNAPSHOT)$. To resolve this issue just rerun the PR pipeline.

End to End tests for the application

We have setup a sample end-to-end tests, just to show a complete CI/CD cycle. Whenever a microservice's pipeline is run, End to End tests are run. Currently E2E tests are just a sample test that test uber sign up page, and are written in cypress. We make the video and push the video to s3. It requires AWS credentials to push the test videos to S3 bucket. Create the credentials with aws-credentials id.